Houston Criminal-Defense Lawyer

I represent people charged with crimes in all state and federal courts in Houston, Harris County, Texas and the surrounding counties (Fort Bend, Montgomery, Galveston, Waller, and Brazoria). I handle cases from shoplifting to murder, including sexual assault, drug cases, conspiracies, theft, white-collar crime, DUI / DWI, aggravated assault, domestic violence assault, and anything else the government can dream up to throw at you; here’s a more thorough list of criminal cases I handle.

5 Responses to Houston Criminal-Defense Lawyer

  1. Alex says:

    Do you handle Parole hearings? If not, do you have any recommendations of attorneys that do in the Houston area? How much does it help to have an attorney for that sort of thing.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Mark Bennett says:

      I don’t. For attempts to be granted parole, I recommend Mary Samaan. For parole revocation hearings I recommend Monique Sparks In either situation, having a lawyer can help a great deal.

  2. Diantha Garrett Brennan says:

    How do I receive the blog via my email?

  3. Mr. B., after looking over the link you provided I noticed that you don’t list; Divorce, Estate and / or Wills. Why in the hell would you? Because I assume they have absolutely nothing to do with a ‘Real’ CDL’s practice.

    A faker & shaker tricked my parents (during the consultation) into believing he was an experienced CDL and would fight to the very end. According to the Harris County District clerk’s office website (that you turned us on to a while back) ‘my’ case was his first and only criminal case but yet, the State Bar’s website lists ‘Criminal’ as the first of many types he handles.

    I pray that he learned his lesson (that he has no business dabbling in areas he knows zilch about) and never ever actually handles or participates in another criminal case and is simply referring out to qualified ‘Real’ CDLs’ like you’ve done with the queries above. Had the bastard simply referred out in 84 (as morals, oaths, creeds & ethics demand, I wouldn’t be an anti-dabbler advocate in 2012 and beyond. Thanks (for ‘not’ dabbling).