Anonymous-Comment Policy

After five years of having a policy against anonymous comments, my perspective has shifted.

Given the harm that Two Minutes Hates will do based on one-off, ill-considered, or even out-of-context wrongthink, I have realized that it would be crazy for most people with employers to speak their unpopular opinions without the protection of anonymity or pseudonymity.

So please, feel free to comment anonymously.

Just try not to be too much of a dick. You still aren’t Atticus.

7 Responses to Anonymous-Comment Policy

  1. I’ve read some of your posting about Certs. of Service having incorrect information. What would be your thoughts on the following situation?

    Civil case where Defendant’s lawyers, who are employs of Defendant, file discovery requests on November 5 with attached Certs. of Service stating that documents were served to Plaintiff on November 6 at Plaintiff’s PO Box via Certified Mail with Return Receipt Requested. Envelope to Plaintiff is post-marked November 6 via Defendant’s postage machine. There’s no indication by Post Office when documents were actually sent to Plaintiff; however, first Certified notice in Plaintiff’s PO Box was dated January 19; documents were accepted by Plaintiff on January 20.

  2. robert monnaville says:

    your info on how to subpoena phone records and where to send the requests was EXTREMELY helpful and accurate. I just wanted to say thank you.

  3. Leroy-Rodney Ditto J. Fackenburpa-Schnitzelwiczski III says:

    In your questioning the acu_men’tality of Loyd’s competence, you’re on the right tr_acknowledgm_ent’hymeme, but only to a slight(ed) degree, i.e.,only on the cu_sp’ecious, c’OZ’ from the thrust of his letter sent you he’s clearly but a fully-fledged compe_tent’ative lawyer, and perhaps one soon about to take f_light’weight, giving rise to the possibility that he could well yet prove also to be an utter and abj_ect’opic soar_head…considering the gravity of the p_un’folding situation that he’s now landed himself in.

  4. Diantha Garrett Brennan says:

    Wow! Miracles do happen.

  5. Diantha Garrett Brennan says:

    How do I change or select the emoticon associated w/my postings?