Mark Bennett

I am a Houston criminal-defense lawyer.

I grew up overseas — in Thailand, India, and Germany — where my dad worked for the U.S. Government. After graduating from high school in New Delhi, India, I returned to dad’s hometown, Houston, where I attended Rice University.

I majored in religious studies at Rice, and went on to University of Houston Law Center, where I graduated with honors. I immediately started my law practice, representing people charged with serious crimes in state courts across Texas and federal courts nationwide. In 1997 my wife, Jennifer, joined me as my law partner. She keeps things running smoothly, and I try the cases.

After having a string of expensive fancy offices in downtown Houston, we moved in 2004 to a Victorian-style house in The Heights, about three miles from the courthouse, with plenty of free parking for the clients, where the windows open when the weather is nice and the dogs can hang out in the office.

We keep our dockets small, and I dedicate intensive individual attention to each case. I like to try about six cases to juries every year, which isn’t a lot for some lawyers, but is a high proportion of our overall caseload.

I can be reached by telephone at 713.224.1747 most of the time (though afternoons are better than mornings, since I’m in court most mornings) or by email at Please see my Texas criminal defense website and my federal criminal defense website.

I don’t like bragging about myself — I’d rather demonstrate what I can do than tell you — but I don’t mind letting my clients brag about me.

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