Mea Maxima Culpa

Last week I was in trial (my first bench trial in federal court; we came in second).

I was also excited to be scheduled to speak to Professor Ray Moses’s “Opening and Closing” class at South Texas College of Law. I’ve spoken to the class the last couple of years, and it has always been stimulating and fun. I’d had it on my calendar for two months.

As Thursday evening approached, I was at the office figuring out what to talk about and how, when I received an email from Professor Moses: My students are sorry you missed the class last night. Have a nice life.

I screwed up. There’s no excuse. I hope Professor Moses’s students—who are assigned this blog as part of their required reading—will forgive me. 

About Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett got his letter of marque from the Supreme Court of Texas in May 1995. He is famous for having no sense of humor when it comes to totalitarianism.
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