“I really thought you were the real deal…”

After reviewing your website, I really thought you were the real deal. I didn't ask for your opinion earlier Mark.

[Link to article about rich guy's 1990s bankruptcy.]

Maybe if my dad had managed his risk more intelligently, I wouldn't have to steal.

I can't believe you refused to advise me. All I wanted to know is if you've seen or worked in any related cases and your opinion. Instead you said "You shouldn't be stealing".

That's to bad. With risk I take I could have become a big-time client of yours which after speaking with you I am sure, you have none.

The best of luck to you.

None of it is privileged—he's not seeking representation—but I chose not to publish the information that might identify this narcissistic jackass because his life is difficult enough already, what with his having to steal because his rich daddy went bankrupt when he was six, and my not helping him "manage his risk," and all.

Where do people get the idea that "the real deal" criminal-defense lawyer would advise crooks on how to get away with their crimes? Aside from being unethical and illegal, it'd be bad for business.

I'll be watching to see who winds up representing him, and harboring private doubts about that lawyer.

[Update: he hired a dabbler who lists criminal law among eight other fields. Big-time!]

(Soundtrack: Dan Cohen, Rabbit's Foot ("…livin' on luck like a small-time crook."))

Rabbit's Foot

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