1. Robb Fickman
    January 16, 2013 @ 11:30 pm

    Mark- thank you for the kind words. You are right. We must stand up to abusive judges. Troy McKinney, Danny Easterling, Cindy Henley, Stan Schneider, Wendell Odom, Pat McCann, You, Joanne Musick, Nicole Deborde, Earl Musick, Chris Tritico, Steve Halpert, Todd Dupont, Carmen Roe, Sarah Wood, Franklin Bynum, Robert Pelton, Paul Kennedy, Chuck Stanfield. Randall Kallinen, Kathryn Kase, Grant Scheiner, Christina Appelt And a few others have helped redefine HCCLA.
    The days of ” just taking it” are over. We will not go back to those days. We will keep grieving bad judges until they start getting it right. Thank you Mark for being one of the true leaders of the ” New
    I guess we will be cellies soon enough!


  2. Mike Paar
    January 17, 2013 @ 9:24 am

    Wow, Fickman is as hard-hitting and in-your-face as you are, Mark, and I have added him to my list of must-reads. Admirable men, both, but neither of you will ever make the short-list for an appointment to a judgeship in this county like Brad Hart did. Integrity isn’t a qualification nor is it replicated by many Harris county judges who mostly come from the cesspool we know as HCDAO where they are schooled on the finer points of constitutional disdain masquerading itself as justice for victims. Few if any realize that by denying defendants their rights they are as much a criminal as anyone who stand before them.


  3. Thomas R. Griffith
    January 17, 2013 @ 1:12 pm

    Mr. B., I’ve purchased records’ reflecting that the very individual charged with refereeing a felony jury trial process allowed a Divorce / Estate specialist to dabble / wing it in Felony Criminal Law. Allowed the ADA to substitute a .38 w/ a 5 or 6 in barrel for an alleged .22 or .25 w/ a 2 in barrel in a case involving no firearm evidence and / or chain of custody records. Allowed trial to begin knowing the Crime Victim changed black to brown & blond after live show-up & again from the stand. Allowed the Defense to file Fake Pre-Trial Motions and refused to Agree or Deny the Orders. Allowed Defense to deceive its client during lunch recess by obtaining a Not Guilty plea with-drawl (crossing out) based on urgent need to stop the trial and Plea Bargain (nolo contendere) due to being on probation at time of arrest and its Pre-Trial Revocation cherry on top lie of all lies. Thanks again for not allowing me to be “vague” and for allowing me to name these punks names in the past.

    With that, I place the majority of this particular Judicial Crime Spree directly in the hands of the referee and feel better knowing that I’m not the only one that’s in possession of the certified case files, HPD Incident Report & booking photo showing who made who. Despite everyone having copies from the Governor, the A.G., the F.B.I., State Bar, innocence projects’ & so-called grievance committees – the Judicial Teflon allowed it to be ignored like it never even happened. We can only hope & pray that Team Fickman has access to commercial grade Teflon remover. Good luck in everyone’s endeavors’ regarding the criminal justice system reformation and remember some of the friggin people are ready to assist. Thanks.

    *Have Pitchfork(s) will travel or is the vetting of justice as simple as mandatory cameras’ in all courts’. As it is, the eyes’ of Texans’ are not upon anyone during the fact.


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