4 Responses to I Don’t Watch Law And Order Either.

  1. Anna Durbin says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I saw the director on Colbert the other night. Her paean to the CIA agents as heroes was a bit jarring to me. Made me feel that this may indeed be a propaganda film?

    I know many of the lawyers who volunteered their time to go to Guantanamo which is a very difficult task to take on. I honor their dedication to preserve Constitutional rights in the hardest of all cases. I would agree with you that I would not honor propaganda against them. We have a great country, but it is not perfect. Those who sacrifice to uphold its ideals should not be disrespected, even in Hollywood films, but that is my opinion.

  2. Alex Bunin says:

    I won’t watch for free. I know most of the Guantanamo lawyers and they all deserve respect.

  3. Baharan says:

    Are we sure that the plot of the movie really happened? My former Marine husband has raised some valid questions…it’s always good to consider all possibilities.

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