A Board-Certified Criminal-Defense Lawyer

Today I got word that I passed the Texas Board of Legal Specialization exam in criminal law, which I took in Austin last year. I am now a board-certified criminal-defense lawyer.

What does  mean? Well, my dad videotaped the induction ceremony, and I put it up here so you could get a feel for board certification.

About Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett got his letter of marque from the Supreme Court of Texas in May 1995. He is famous for having no sense of humor when it comes to totalitarianism.
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10 Responses to A Board-Certified Criminal-Defense Lawyer

  1. Mike Paar says:

    It means your fees just increased exponentially. BTW, how many board-certified criminal-defense lawyers are there in Houston?

  2. Congratulations Mark and thanks for the update. I hope to get board certified at some point in my career. So, now you have to revamp everything so “specialist” follows your name everywhere, right?

  3. Mark;
    Congratulations, look forward to working with you again.

  4. Congratulations! But Luke still wants to know what’s up with the hat.

  5. Mr. B., If I was to simply parrot the well deserving and earned salute via a public “Congratulations” and avoid the following insertion, it would be simply wrong. Since the leading cause of wrongful convictions’ lies at the feet of the folks the law allows to Occupy the Defense Table, it should be a requirement prior to consultation with any & all criminal clients’.

    Speaking strictly as a (VOTS) victim of the system (Harris County Texas’s to be specific)& sometimes even on behalf of others’ – I challenge every single one of you to get Certified or have the balls / balletts to refer any & all criminal clients’ to Real CDLs (Board Certified to be specific). Do it for the clients’. Thanks.

    Congratulations! Sir, you’re the man.

  6. Michael Simpson says:

    Congratulations, Mark!

  7. I know from others that this is quite an accomplishment. Well Done!

  8. Alex Bunin says:

    Now do some branding.

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