I Was Half Right About Dionne Press’s Assisted-Suicide Case

On 18 September the aiding suicide case that Dionne Press neglected and that I offered to work on for free (which caused Press to try to get the DA’s Office to file charges or a grievance against me) was no-billed by the grand jury of the 351st District Court.

So I was right in predicting that result (to be honest, the outcome was a no-brainer, which is why Press should have filed a writ of habeas corpus ten weeks ago), but wrong about the timeline. Press’s client didn’t spend almost sixty days in Harris County Jail charged with a fine-only offense; he spent eighty days in Harris County Jail charged with a fine-only offense.

What a waste.

Press’s marketing says:

I take every Criminal charge seriously. I will work hard in your defense to protect your rights and freedom.… 

* * * * *

I will provide you with individualized attention, professional expertise and aggressive representation.

I will use my years of experience and dedication to fight for your rights and aggressively defend your case.

Utter hogwash. “Aggressive” is not necessariyly the best way for a criminal-defense lawyer to be, but if that was “aggressive representation,” I’d hate to see a criminal-defense lawyer being passive.

About Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett got his letter of marque from the Supreme Court of Texas in May 1995. He is famous for having no sense of humor when it comes to totalitarianism.
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2 Responses to I Was Half Right About Dionne Press’s Assisted-Suicide Case

  1. Mike Paar says:

    Press isn’t the only one with blame. Lykos & Co. shoulder most of it. Incompetence on both sides of the bar.

  2. Ric Moore says:

    I think the correct term would be “assertive”. The word “aggressive” is not always used correctly. It basically means that I value my goals 100% and the relationship value between us is 0%. Being properly assertive, I value my goals at !00% and our relationship 100%. “Compromise” is where I agree to lessen my personal goals percentage in favor of your goals, in order to maintain our relationship, by lessening our relationship percentage somewhat as no one else HAS to live up to my expectations. It’s a good thing. Being aggressive is not a route to compromise, although it is useful when it comes to starting a stalled lawnmower. The things you learn in da joint. 🙂

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