Compendium of Rakofsky (and Borzouye) v. Internet Blog Posts

For your enlightenment and amusement:

(More as I find them, or in the pingbacks.)

  1. How Young Lawyers Should NOT Conduct Themselves Online « An …
  2. Feeling Left Out – The Criminal Lawyer – Commentary on Law and Policy
  3. Simple Justice: Rakofsky v. Internet*
  4. MyShingle's Been Sued in Rakofsky v. – My Shingle
  5. This Is Not A Post About Joseph Rakofsky « Work Product
  6. Resuscitating the Joseph Rakofsky Fiasco | Koehler Law
  7. The Rakofsky 74 « Military Underdog
  8. Infamy or Praise: TGIS: Thank God It's Schadenfreude! (319)
  9. Source 4 Politics: "Incompetent" Rakofsky Sues Everyone for Defamation
  10. Rive Gauche: Chef Charon at The Staterooms… eating Boeuf Buggerorf …
  11. South Florida Lawyers: SFL Friday — I Like Exactly HALF This Picture!
  12. To My Fellow “ Rakofsky 74'ers”: I Salute You « THE TRIAL WARRIOR BLOG
  13. Rakofsky Tries to Muzzle the Blawgosphere – Avvo Blog
  14. My Law License: Joseph Rakofsky's Second Futile Race To The Courthouse
  15. Digging Deeper and Deeper – & Trivial Update
  16. The Rakofsky Standard | David Sugerman
  17. From the Complaints Desk [For Those About to Rakofsky (We Salute You)]
  18. Defending People » The Rakofsky v. Internet Lawsuit(s)
  19. Attorney Credits Legal Blog
  20. Simple Justice: Rakofsky v. Internet, Part Deux (A Juror Verdict)
  21. Al Gore to Intervene in Rakofsky v. Internet Case
  22. The Rakofsky Strikes Back …
  23. Scumbag Lawyers v. Me (and the Rest of the Internet) (with video)
  24. 10999
  25. Please Don't Say Mean Things About Me! | THE CUBAN REVOLUTION
  26. bummed « Capital Defense Weekly
  27. Restoring Dignity to the Law: An Open Letter to Joseph Rakofsky Re …
  28. An Open Letter to Joseph Rakofsky Re: Rakofsky v. the Internet
  29. The Silence Of The Lambs
  30. Judge Allows Green Lawyer to Withdraw In the Middle of Murder …
  31. Making a Mockery – The Criminal Lawyer – Commentary on Law and Policy
  32. Joseph Rakofsky: Both an Idiot and a Symptom
  33. The Streisand Effect, or: What Joseph Rakofsky's Been Up To Lately …
  34. The Rakofsky Effect
  35. Not Guilty: Chiming In
  36. The Rakofsky [x + 1 ]
  37. Rakofsky v. Internet And A Dose Of IIED
  38. Rakofsky Against the Internet: The Movie
  39. Legal rebuttal: "vade et caca in pilleum et ipse traheatur super aures tuo" (BoingBoing)
  41. Attorney sues many legal bloggers, ABA, Washington Post…
  42. Rakofsky Bad. Defendant Lawyers, 4th Estate & 1st Amendment Good. »
  43. Weekend Update: Rakofsky v. Internet Week 2 »
  44. Rakofsky Against the Internet, Trailer 2
  45. Standing With My Fellow Legal Bloggers Against an Attempt to Chill Speech
  46. Rakofsky suing the internet: Career suicide
  47. Railing Against Rakofsky | RHDefense: The Law Office of Rick Horowitz
  48. Why have not more lawyer bloggers commented on the Rakosfy debacle? | Between a Laugh and a Tear
  49. Blawg Review #310 « Siouxsie Law
  50. (For lulz, and against my better judgment but nofollowed) Attorney's Procedure Results in Mistrial | Palmieri Law – Attorney …
  51. Techdirt:Recent Law School Grad Gets Berated By Judge, Then Sues Nearly Everyone Who Discussed The Case
  52. A Georgia Lawyer: Rakofsky v. The Internet?
  53. Tweet Your Way To $$$!!! « An Associate's Mind
  54. My Law License: Meet Richard Borzouye, of Hartt Borzouye? Joseph …
  55. Rakofsky versus the Internet – Anna Raccoon
  56. Jospeh Rakofsky , Through Richard Borzouye, Sues The Internet For …
  57. New Business Plan | People v. State
  58. off-topic: not everything on the net is necessarily true, not …
  59. Law is funny, innit? « Amicae Curiae
  60. A Georgia Lawyer: Rakofsky v. The Internet?
  61. A Lack of Mentoring, or Lack of Awareness? – Avvo Blog
  62. Bayou Renaissance Man: An acute case of dontopedalogy!
  63. My Law License: The Oprah Effect: It Wasn't Joseph Rakofsky's Fault
  64. Hey, Who Would Win If Superman, Batman, And Spiderman Fought Ziggy …
  65. Rakofsky v. Internet (First Motion) – New York Personal Injury Law …
  66. Crime & Federalism: A Trial Court Weighs in on Joseph Rakofsky's …
  67. The Rakofsky Transcript: Cost = $1400; Value = Priceless « THE …
  68. Declarations and Exclusions: Weekend Update: Rakofsky v. Internet …
  69. My Law License: Rakofsky v. Internet, The Defense Responds
  70. Defending People » Was Joseph Rakofsky Ineffective?
  71. Did Richard Borzouye and Joseph Rakofsky Commit Fraud in a Court Filing?
  72. Today's major LOL brought to you by the epic story of a lawyer suing the Internets
  73. Practice Tips, Courtesy of Rakofsky v. The Internet – – My Shingle
  74. Rakofsky (First Motion to Dismiss) – New York Personal Injury Law Blog
  75. Oh my goodness, we've allegedly been sued!
  76. Slashdot: The Ongoing Case of Rakofsky vs. Internet
  77. Weekend Update: Rakofsky v. Internet Week 5 »
  78. Crime & Federalism: Richard Borzouye is an Incompetent Lawyer
  79. Day 27: L’Affair Rakofsky
  80. Rakofsky (Motions to Dismiss by Seddiq and Koehler) – New York …
  81. The Atlantic Wire: Meet the Lawyer Who Sued the Internet
  82. The SLAPP-Happy Story of Rakofsky v. Internet
  83. Citizen Media Law Project: Rakofsky v. Internet
  84. A Georgia Lawyer: Friday's Distraction: Rakofsky vs. the Internet
  85. I’m Hiring This Lawyer To Handle All My…
  86. Rakofsky v. The Washington Post: Being on the Other End of the … [Warning: privilege waiver.]
  87. Joseph Rakofsky Continues SLAPP Suit, Richard Borzouye Retreats …
  88. Recovering Lawyer: The Rakofsky Matter
  89. Crime and Federalism: Richard Borzouye Abandons His Clients
  90. Rakofsky Motion #7 – Doudna Moves to Dismiss and for Sanctions …
  91. Crime & Federalism: Rakofsky Tries Settling Frivolous Lawsuit for …
  92. Infamy or Praise: A Round Tuit (60)
  93. Did I ever mention I've been sued?
  94. Did Rakofsky go looking for a new lawyer on Craigslist? | Absurd …
  95. Simple Justice: Doudna Takes a Magic Bullet
  96. Crime and Federalism: Has Joseph Rakofsky Become a Self-Parody?
  97. Declarations and Exclusions: Weekend Update: Rakofsky v. Internet …
  98. ten things I'll never do when I'm a lawyer | law school ninja
  99. Dan Hull: Beta of the Month | Crime and Federalism
  100. This week in unusual litigation (R v. I update)
  101. An essential read on social networking for lawyers [Somewhat drecksome.]


  1. Truly, some of the funniest stuff I have read. Who says Attorneys are dry and without humor!

    PS, please don’t sue me…

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