Federal Grand Jury in Maricopa County

In Phoenix, a federal grand jury is reportedly looking into accusations that Arpaio has abused his law enforcement power with criminal investigations of critics and political foes (Nick Martin, Heat City).

The nutjob semiliterate pseuodpatriot supporters of Sheriff Joe will no doubt see this as more evidence of a vast (Mexican?) conspiracy—when you believe in a conspiracy, everything is evidence of the conspiracy.

About Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett got his letter of marque from the Supreme Court of Texas in May 1995. He is famous for having no sense of humor when it comes to totalitarianism.
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4 Responses to Federal Grand Jury in Maricopa County

  1. Gideon says:

    This is tremendous news. The Arpaio thing, not the post, which is useful and will be bookmarked.

  2. Jameson Johnson says:

    Christmas came very late in Marikafka.

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